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BASSETT-SCARFE REALTY  – BassettScarfe Realty – Mandurah

Connie Green

I have been in the Real Estate Industry for over 25 years and am one of the owners of Beaufort Realty which is a boutique inner city agency.

During my 25 years plus in property management I have dealth with a large number of Strata Management Companies and their employees, some who are reasonable good and some who are not. However I have only dealt with one consistently excellent Strata Management company and that is Bassett-Scarfe Realty in Mandurah.

Not only do they have an extensive knowledge of Strata Tiles Act and all its requirements, they are always friendly, helpful and most importantly very proactive.

I recommend Bassett-Scarfe and in particular Connie to all my friends and associates in Mandurah and only wish they operated in Perth.

— Christine Kirkness, Director – Beaufort Realty, July 2014
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